Our Mission Statement

A Sense of Community

“Our goal from the beginning is to establish a community that knows Jesus Christ as Savior and Redeemer; and, to instruct this community to serve the Lord, not only within His Church; but throughout the nation of Jordan.”

Our Vision Statement

A Team You Can Rely On

Sense, Care, Achieve (SCA) is a Jordanian non-government organization (NGO) under the proven successful leadership of Pastor Haytham Mazahreh. SCA’s vision in the refugee communities in Marka is to identify and actively encourage those who have less in Jordan to have hope in light of this regional humanitarian crisis.


Sense, Care, Achieve Core Values

We Focus on Faith-based Approaches in Service to Others

At Sense, Care, Achieve, (SCA) we are focused on distributing humanitarian aid provisions equitably to those who have less and we’re providing much-needed hope and prayers to those who are displaced.

Sense, Care, Achieve 2017 Goal

One Hundred Prayer Partners

At Sense, Care, Achieve, (SCA) we aim to mobilize one hundred (100) believers to pray weekly for SCA to accomplish our vision to serve those who have less and are displaced.